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Sound Enterprises, Inc
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Sound Enterprises' Mission is to be a virtual entertainment community, providing customers with cutting edge audio and visual products that fit the needs of every age, gender and geography. Our objective is to meet the needs of our customers by bringing them clean and safe entertainment with the highest quality experience. Ultimately we want our efforts to add value and enrich the lives of our customers in spirit, mind and body.

Our Vision is to become the leading delivery provider of cutting edge products in diverse virtual mobile platforms to our customers; respected for unparalleled format delivery expertise, quality, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

Our striving Value is to create a family of customers that can feel and experience our products and ultimately come to fortify their relationship with our personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sound Enterprises, Inc. proudly donates 10% of all proceeds from sales to local charities across the nation.

President: Brad Damon
Vice President: James P Caviezel