Site Name: (aka JCus)

Date Started: December 1st 1998. We started as a simple site, with just a few pages. We hosted it as an information center, on James, on Mysteria Magazine. A full web page was built in January of 2002. A domain name was registered, and the site was moved to in April 2004, where a large scale gallery, fan forum and tons of extra goodies were added. We officially finished, and opened, in August of 2004. The year 2017 changed a few things.

Domain: The name was registered on Apr 07, 2004. We officially released ourselves to the public with the sites finish in August.

Tools: I use Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe CS5.1, and Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9, for my graphics. I write the HTML, by hand, in notepad. The files are then transferred to the internet using SmartFTP Pro or Core FTP.


This site was started out of my great respect for the person James Caviezel is. There have been many sites on the net, but they seemed to lack a respect for either him, or his fans, in some way. We've dealt with rude webmasters, and seen sites that care about nothing more than the number of photos in their gallery. I wanted to make a website to show my respect and appreciation for this great person, and his fans. In my eyes, there never seemed to be a place that held the heart of both. I do hope you enjoy your stay.

This site and it's content are owned and maintained by Arwen Reis, unless otherwise noted. The domain name is owned and hosted by Speaker Demon, INC. We're just great fans, making a website to show our support for this amazingly talented person.

Please, don't send any emails for James, he won't receive them through us. They will only get deleted. If you would like to contact him, or his agents, see the ACTOR section.

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